Sunday Brunch at the Symphony Hotel & Restaurant

November 6, 2017 4 comments

As you turn the doorknob to enter into the Symphony Hotel and Restaurant you quickly realize that you are walking into  a place of history. Inside, an enchanting dining room to your right features the original character of what was once a mansion. Furnished with pictures and décor from the late 1800’s – early 1900’s you really feel like you are stepping back in time, especially with the sounds of people like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong floating around.


As you sit down, the tables are elegantly adorned with nice china, and napkins to match the season. The menu features both a tea and coffee bar as well as fresh juices to get you started. I opted for a coffee and orange juice before even looking at the menu. I was kicking myself 5 minutes later because I could have really gone for a French Press. While sipping on my coffee I noticed that the restaurant was not overly crowded and a very comfortable place to be (I went at 10:15).

Looking over the menu I saw 2 things. First, the breakfast menu is extremely affordable with entrees averaging at about $10, and with each entree 2 sides are INCLUDED at no extra cost. Second, pretty much everything looked good, and they have an ‘additions’ menu featuring fresh seasonal offerings.


I wanted to be able to write a good review of the food, so between my husband and I, we ordered quite a few things, all of which came out in a decent amount of time and hot.

  • Mozart Mushroom Omelet (with a side of fruit and a salad)

This was absolutely delicious. The mushrooms were so flavorful and the creaminess from the cheeses blended nicely. I savored every bite. I was also happy with my side of fruit because it was fresh berries rather than the typical under ripe honeydew melon and cantaloupe that you get at most places. My salad came before the meal, and was presented beautifully. In my opinion it was a little bit underdressed as I couldn’t tell for sure if there was dressing on it, but the waitress assured me there was. It was still very good, but next time I’ll order some extra dressing on the side.

  • Washington Park Strada (with side of bacon and goetta)

To be honest, this dish wasn’t my favorite. I thought the bread and potatoes overtook everything else in the casserole. For a carb lover or someone running a race the next day, this might be just the ticket item, but I liked the other things we ordered better.

Since I didn’t taste much of it in the casserole, I was happy to have ordered the side of bacon and goetta. The bacon came out just how I ordered it – crispy – and I was happy about that. The side of goetta was also good and was a nice large piece.


  • La Musique French Toast (with a side of tri-Color Peruvian, Sweet and Yukon potatoes and a golden pancake with pecans and a bottle of pure maple syrup)

This was yummy. The French toast was cooked and served perfectly. It wasn’t dry and it wasn’t soggy from the toppings. There was an ample amount of custard and berries  that topped it off nicely.

The potatoes were also good, and seasoned well, but not like a typical crispy breakfast potato, so be aware of that when ordering. The pancake side was marvelous, and I loved how you could dress it up. There were not only different toppings and syrup to choose from, but also different pancakes. Mine came out delicious and I would not be upset if I got the full order next time.

NOTE: You can no longer order a side pancake


  • Avocado Toast (from the seasonal menu with a side of breakfast bread)

I have saved the best for last, because honestly this was the best breakfast I have had in a long time. The poached eggs were done perfectly, the flavors melded better than I could have imagined, and the bread was extra fresh. I want to go back and order another one now as I write this. The breakfast bread of the day was banana and it was also good, nice and moist and full of flavor. The flavor of bread does rotate, so if you don’t want to be surprised when they bring it out, make sure to ask your server what the flavor is before ordering.


Halfway through our meal I had let my coffee get cold and asked the waitress if she could heat it for me. She informed me that because of the age of the building, the microwave doesn’t work when the toaster is going, but that she could bring me a fresh cup. This is great information for 2 reasons. 1 – I was going to get a fresh cup of coffee (YAY!) 2 – You will never get anything but a fresh meal because they don’t have a way to do anything else.


Don’t leave without talking a walk around the rest of the hotel. Opposite the dining room you’ll find an inviting bar and lounge, wine room, and around the corner a comfortable history sitting room. I was told that the hotel offers live jazz music Thursday – Saturday nights, so I’d like to go back and experience that. They also offer a cozy five-course dining before shows at Music Hall which I also hope to check out since it sounds delicious and is only a couple steps away.


All in all I had a wonderful experience at the Symphony Hotel & Restaurant with fantastic food, great service and beautiful surroundings. I will be back again, and would highly recommend that you check it out too.



Hours: Sunday Brunch 9:30a – 2pm (Also open Thursday 5p-9p & Friday-Saturday 5p-10:30p)

Parking: I found plenty on Elm Street Sunday morning

Kid Friendly: Yes – they offer highchairs, and despite the fine china, the staff did not cringe at the sight of my little one

Visit the Symphony website here

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