Paris Hidden Gems – 25 Sights for a Unique Adventure

February 5, 2018 55 comments

Paris, France has some of the worlds most famous sights. You’ve probably know a lot of them – The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre-Dame etc… And while I definitely think that you should see them when you’re in Paris (especially if it is your first time), I’d also recommend venturing out to explore some of the cities lesser known sights. From parks to shopping, there are many Paris hidden gems to make you feel like your experiencing Paris as a local.

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Paris Hidden Gems – Attractions

Paris Hidden Gems - Attractions
Opera Garnier

1. Opera Garnier – a world class opera and ballet house that is absolutely stunning inside and out. The architecture and decor are magnificent. You’ll find gold walls and painted ceilings. You feel like a member of the elite as you walk through.

2. Hammam at Mosquée de Paris – If you don’t know about Hammam’s, they are Turkish bath houses where you can get a steam bath and massage. This Hammam is bright and open and has beautiful marble and mosaics.

3. Ile Saint-Louis – Surrounded by water, the island is an escape from the hustle and bustle of lively Paris. It has a street full of delicious gelato and other sweet treats.

4. La Pagode – An old historic movie theater inside a pagoda with a painted ceiling, gold decor and walls of silk. Outside there is a beautiful Asian garden where you can enjoy a cup of tea.

5. Seine River – Yes, you’ll see the river if you’re in Paris, but spending time walking the promenade next to the river is an experience in itself. You’ll be able to see many famous landmarks while walking, and you’ll pass by the romantic Pont Alexandre III bridge. You could also take a relaxing boat tour of the Seine if that peaks your interest.

Paris Hidden Gems - Attractions Seine
Seine River

6. Père Lachaise Cemetery – More visited than the Montmarte Cemetery because of some of the famous people that are buried there (think Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde) but since most tourists prefer to go to the other main Paris attractions, it’s still a relatively secluded place. You could wander for hours through the cobblestone paths and giant trees. It is especially beautiful during the fall when all the leaves are changing.

7. La Campagne à Paris – a bit far from the center of Paris, but if you want to get a feel for local Parisian life, it’s a good place to be. Beautiful houses line charming cobblestone streets. it’s a great place to take a leisurely stroll

8. The Flower Market – a colorful marketplace located on L’Ile de la Cite that has an amazing variety of flowers. Even if you don’t want to buy any, it’s an aromatic stroll with beautiful scenery

9. Le Mur Des Je t’aime – A wall of love in a charming little garden, it is a unique spot to revel in romance

Paris Hidden Gems – Parks

Paris Hidden Gems - Parks
Parc Monceau

10. Bois de Vincennes – located on the eastern part of Paris, this park is huge. Everyone can find something to do here. They have 4 lakes, a horse racing, a bicycle trail, a chateau, a zoo, a place to play family games, and much more. You can find different events going on here in the summer too.

11. Les Buttes Chaumont – Another decently sized park a bit further out of the city center. There are many walking trails perfect for a stroll, activities for kids, and the scenery is beautiful. The Temple overlooking the lake in the center of the park is a must see.

12. Promenade Plantee – A linear park raised above the streets that is built on an old railway. It spans just under 3 miles, and is a unique place to take a walk through greenery.

13. Parc Monceau – A beautiful park with curved walkways and full of different statues and other architectural feats. It’s a local spot great for an afternoon picnic.

Paris Hidden Gems – Views of the Eiffel Tower

The three streets below (14-16) offer a good view of the Eiffel tower from a unique point of view. You’ll have a much better chance of getting away from the tourist crowd, and you can snap a picture that many don’t get to take. They are pretty to see in the day and at night when the Eiffel Tower is twinkling.

Paris Hidden Gems - Eiffel Tower Views

14. Palais de Chaillot
15. Avenue de Camoens
16. Avenue de Suffren

Paris Hidden Gems – Churches

Paris Hidden Gems - Churches

17. Église Saint Vincent de Paul – an old church built on a prison yard where St. Vincent himself lived and worked. It features two organs and has a beautiful arrangement of flowered landscaping (except in the winter).

18. Église Saint-Sulpice – Often overlooked by the other popular churches, but it is actually one of the largest churches in Paris (just after the Notre-Dame). If you’ve read or seen ‘The Da Vinci Code’ you’ve heard of Saint-Sulpice. With a lot of history and a grand organ, this church shouldn’t be missed.

19. Sainte-Chapelle – a Gothic chapel built to house a relic of the Crown of Thorns in the 13th century has the most amazing stained glass windows (see above). Go when the sun is shining so that you can see the biblical scenes from the windows in their colorful brilliance.

Paris Hidden Gems – Museums

Paris Hidden Gems - Museums
Musée de Rodin

20. Musée de Rodin – Find Rodin’s work in the chateau that he lived and worked in. After you tour the inside DON’T SKIP THE GARDEN. You’ll see his most famous piece surrounded by a crazy amount of rose bushes. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic

21. The Musée de l’Armée Invalides – an impressive museum focused around war history. The crown jewel in my opinion is Napoleon’s Tomb.

22. The Holocaust Museum / Museum of the Shoah – one of the most comprehensive Holocaust museums in the world, worth a see if you are interested in the subject.

Paris Hidden Gems – Shopping

Paris Hidden Gems - shopping

23. Le Marais – 60 shops line one of the most charming Parisian neighborhoods. It also boasts some delicious food and cute side streets.

24. Rue de Rivioli – another strip for great shopping along with restaurants and cafes.

25. Saint Germain – for most of us, this is a place for great window shopping. You’ll find small French boutiques and other high end brands. If you’re on a girls trip, schedule time at Eva Eriksson to create your own perfume. They’ll walk you through understanding scents and create a fragrance you love.


There you have it. Enjoy seeing parts of Paris that most people never will. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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55 Comments on “Paris Hidden Gems – 25 Sights for a Unique Adventure

  1. Twice I have visited Paris and twice I fell in love with the city. Exploring city heritage during day time and having fun in night entertainments.

  2. Thanks for this list. I’m going to Paris in August. It’s going to be an almost 2-week solo trip! I can’t wait. These are great suggestions. I would also add the Petite Palais as a hidden gem museum as well!

  3. Love Parc des Buttes Chaumont! It’s such a wonderful place. I lived in Paris for a summer and did most of these things but hadn’t heard of La Pagode before reading this. Something for next time 🙂

  4. This is a great list. I’ve been to Paris twice and have only seen 3 of these places! I pinned your post for next time I go.

  5. Beautiful photos! I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to Paris and spend more days there. These are great places I’d love to visit too! 🙂

  6. This is an awesome list! We managed to hit a few of these on our first trip to Paris, but the majority I didn’t even know about! (Which I suppose is why they’re called hidden gems…) I’ll definitely be saving for a future return visit to Paris. 🙂

  7. What a fantastic list! I’ve never been to Paris but I hope to get in there in the future. This list will come in so handy! Your pictures are beautiful. The Sainte-Chapelle took my breath away! Such a gorgeous church.

  8. Paris is high up on the bucket lists of plenty of people for good reason! Lovely shots of the mesmerising French architecture – be it the Opera House or the bridge over the Seine River. My favourite was, as clichéd as it may sound, the Eiffel Tower from the spectacular vantage points you suggested.

  9. Wow your pictures look stunning. Paris is always such a good idea because you always find something new to discover. can t wait to be back

    1. Yes, I always seem to find at least one new thing every time I go! Especially in the food category 🙂

      The pictures are stunning, they are creative commons stock images

  10. After reading this I need to go back to Paris! I did visit Père Lachaise Cemetery a few years ago and read about it recently in the Count of Monte Cristo. So many tips here I didn’t know about though, will be saving this article for my next trip to France 🙂

  11. I have not been to Paris, however, this is great guide list to follow.I will be sharing this blog with a friend who will be making her visit to Paris next month.Thank you.

  12. I love Paris, and you’re right, there are so many hidden gems! Parc Monceau is one of my favourite places in Paris. But I’ll definitely have to check out those streets and museums next time I visit!

  13. Aw, rats! We were there last year with our kids and we missed SO many of these places! Sainte-Chappelle will always be one of my favorite churches and I’m glad it made your list!

  14. Great list! I must admit I have been to Paris 3 times but probably only seen half from your list 😀 But I have been to Avenue de Camoens as hidden as it is and it is definitely one of my firm favourites for the view of Eiffel!

  15. Opera Garnier looks amaaaaazing! I have never heard of that. It is now on my list for our next Paris trip!

    I love the sound of all those parks too!

  16. I think you’ve done a good job with my mother country’s capital. There’s something for everyone in there to enjoy.

    And What a good idea to give options for a better shot (#punintended) of the Eiffel Tower! Bravo!

  17. I´m considering to visit Paris in April. Thank you for sharing this useful list packed with hidden gems. Can I ask you from where you took the picture featured on “PARIS HIDDEN GEMS – VIEWS OF THE EIFFEL TOWER”?

  18. I need to go again! Obviously I missed a lot!!! Luckily for me Halifax NS Canada JUST got a new direct flight to Paris!

  19. Perfect timing on this Addie! Me and my husband have been thinking of making a quick dash to Paris this year.. and we always love exploring hidden gems in a city 🙂

  20. I love your suggestions! Sainte-Chapelle was one of those otherworldly places that was not super crowded when I visited! I remember studying about it in my art history class and made it a priority when I visited!

  21. These photos! Wow so stunning. Opera Garnier looks so opulent. Would also love to see the Seine River. Definitely keeping this list. Great job on the compilation!

  22. Love that list! I went to Paris for the first time last summer, but spent most time at the University for a conference. I had a little bit of time to explore, but clearly not enough! Will save your list for next time!

  23. These pictures are amazing! I love the list. I’ve never been really interested in visit Paris but after this list, my mind is changing a bit. I’ve never seen some of the things you talked about on your list! Thanks

  24. I’ve always wanted to experience a hamman, I hear that its a must do! The churches look beautiful. I have never been to Paris, If I go there, great list to refer to.

  25. So many hidden gems in Paris! Paris was my first trip abroad yet I haven’t been to half of them! Thanks for your post – I’m bookmarking it for my future trip to the city!

  26. This is such a not-so regular list. Would love to follow it during my Paris vacation. I see you have included Lachaise cemetery in the list and that’s so different than what I usually hear from people who have been to Paris. Opera Garnier looks stunning. I can’t thank you enough for this. Would love to bookmark it for future reference.

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