Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler

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Looking for that perfect gift for the person in your life that loves to travel? You’ve come to the right spot! Here you’ll find fun, unique and useful gift ideas for the traveler on your list.

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  1. Water Bottle – It’s very important to stay hydrated when traveling. You want a sturdy quality bottle.

  2. Walking Shoes – You want a high quality pair that will go with multiple outfits, this may be the only pair of shoes they pack!

  3. Microfiber Towel – These are essential for those staying in a hostel.

  4. Pair of Wool Socks – These will not only ensure that your feet stay warm, but are also quick drying in case you come across rain or snow, or need to do laundry on the go with no dryer.

  5. Suitcase or Backpack – good luggage can be key in flexibility and efficiency when traveling.

  6. Carry-on Bag – Something big enough to fit your stuff, but small enough to be considered a personal item on a plane.

  7. A Coat – you want quality and something that will keep you warm, as well as something that will fold up without being bulky in case you need to store it in your bag.

  8. A Phone Case – There are so many potential hazards for your phone when traveling, keep it protected!

  9. A Watch – You often forget about time when traveling, but if you need to catch a bus, or get to a show, you’ll want to know the time!

  10. Packing Cubes – These help organize your pack and find what you’re looking for with ease.

  11. Tech Organizer – All those cords can get lost in your bag, or tangled, keep them easy to reach and accessible with this.

  12. Base Layer Clothing – A quality base layer is key to keeping warm when traveling when you don’t have your usual wardrobe.

  13. Travel Adapter – If you’re going to a different country, this is a must – you want to be able to use all the electronics you bring, right?

  14. Polarized Sunglasses – Sunglasses not only keep your eyes protected, but also provide a little but of style when you don’t have all your usual accessories.

  15. Travel Guides – Get them a book for their dream destination, or the place they already have booked.


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