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When traveling, I find that packing less is really more. If you need some convincing you can check out my 3 Months in Europe with only a Carry-On post. Below is my packing list that all fits in one carry-on suitcase. I used to really have trouble over packing clothes, so now I pack clothing with a couple rules – It must be versatile and it must be a good fabric.

  • I stick to mostly neutral colors that can be used in many ways, and rely on simple accessories to add pops of color
  • I don’t pack anything that wrinkles easily, and I make sure that it can be easily washed in my sink and dry by morning (ex. cotton takes a long time to dry)


Water bottle
Wallet (with cash, credit/debit card, ID & Student ID)
Passport (and a photocopy)
Journal & Pen
Small compact umbrella (Could easily ditch this)
Microfiber towel – if staying in a hostel

5 shirts
1 pair of Jeans
1 pair of Leggings if winter, 1 pair of shorts if summer
1 Skirt or dress (whichever you prefer)
1 Sweater
2 PJs
5 underwear
5 socks
1 really good bra
1 Swimsuit if needed
1 Versatile and comfortable pair of shoes
1 pair of flip flops (for shower if staying in hostel)
Sunglasses/ glasses
Belt (if needed)
Jewelry and/or scarves for accessorizing
Coat, hat, gloves if winter

Toiletries (travel size)
Shampoo & Conditioner
Hair Accessories (Usually don’t bring styling tool, but if I need one I will bring a straightener as it can also double as a curling iron)
Sunscreen (remember travel size on this!)
Razor (I skip shaving cream and use conditioner)
Makeup & Makeup Remover
Perfume (travel size)
Feminine products
Nail clippers
Cotton Balls

Computer/Tablet & Charger
Phone & Charger (I use this as my camera – I’ve brought my Nikon before, but decided that it’s not worth it – up to you)
Voltage Adapters

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