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On a whim, my husband and I decided that we wanted to have an adventure on our honeymoon – we were so happy to have found BJ’s ATV Rental so that we could journey out to the sand dunes for an exhilarating experience.


We arrived in the late afternoon without a reservation (in the slow season) and were immediately helped with no wait. We didn’t do any research prior to walking in the door, but the staff was very helpful and directed us to the best ATV for us.

We ended up renting the Honda 250EX which is good for inexperienced riders. We did a 2 hour rental ($70) which ended up being perfect because we got to see the sunset at the end of our ride. Included in the rental were helmets and googles. The goggles were great at protecting your eyes from the sand, but I would also recommend wearing long pants to protect your legs.


Once you finish with check in, you go to a place on the beach where you wait for your shuttle ride. We ended up waiting a little bit which made us question if we were in the right place, but the driver did come, and he was very friendly. A short ride later you arrive at what looks like a camp site where you will take off.

Our guide explained how the bike worked and where to go in the dunes. He answered all of our questions, and made us feel very comfortable. The b9ke itself was clean, in good working order, and ran smooth on the dunes.


We arrived back to the shuttle pick up just before the 2 hour mark and were a little worried that we wouldn’t get back to the shop to check out before time ran up, but the staff was very flexible and didn’t blink an eye at the slight overage in time (they must take shuttle time into consideration).

Check out was painless and quick, and could have been even quicker if they didn’t have to process the deposit return on my credit card – next time I’ll bring cash. It was an awesome experience and BJ’s was a delight to work with.


Address: 197 West Grand Ave., Grover Beach, CA 93433


Notes: $100 deposit for each rider, returned at checkout if no damage to the ATV

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