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5 Steps to Start Planning Your Trip

Planning a trip does not have to be stressful. In fact, I find that planning the trip is half of the fun. I enjoy reading about the destination I am going and learning about what it has to offer. It builds up the anticipation and gets me excited to take the trip. Follow these 5 steps to get started on planning your next adventure.

  1. Pick a place
    • Where is it that you want to go? Did you see an ad that made your heart skip a beat? Did you hear about an exotic beach that has been calling your name ever since? Do you have a place in mind that you’ve just always wanted to go? If so, great! If not, search for inspiration. Pinterest and Guide Books are your friend.
  2. Determine your budget & Decide when you will go
    • These items go hand in hand, because the cost of the trip will determine how long you will need to save for. Remember, if you are flexible with timing, going somewhere in the off season will save you money.
  3. Book your flights
    • Consider time of day & day of the week
    • If you are going to multiple destinations, consider flying in and out of different airports
  4. Book your hotels/hostels
    • Get on any site and search for a hotel that meets your needs and budget. Filters on these sites are your friend.
  5. Choose your activities based on what YOU like.
    • People are different. What appeals to one person might not be the same that appeals to another. If you are going to Paris but don’t care about art, maybe the Louve isn’t worth the admission ticket for you even though you find it on every guide book.

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